A Splash of Moonshine

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Mystery lurks at every turn ...

In the summer of 1803, twelve-year-old Ben Crocombe discovers the family boat has been attacked by smugglers in Wringcliff Bay. Floating with the remains of the fishing net is a musical box with the portrait of a French girl inside.

John Travis: A Splash of Moonshine - The Bellerophon Who can the girl be and how does her musical box come to be in England at a time when a French invasion is imminently expected?

Ben risks everything by spying on the smugglers, but what secret lies hidden in the coffin he sees them carry into Parracombe Church?

He sets off on a hazardous journey that will take him from the poverty-stricken North Devon fishing village of Lynmouth, across the wilds of Exmoor, to the market town of Honiton and from there to the fashionable South Devon seaside resorts of Sidmouth, Exmouth, Torquay and Teignmouth. On the way he meets with a host of characters, including travelling showmen, a quack doctor and the eccentric Lady Portleberry, but the smugglers are never far behind.

... danger comes when least expected

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