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Tales From Beyond The Old Parish Pump
Colin Gates

Tales From Beyond The Old Parish Pump The Parish Pump was traditionally the place where gossip and tales were exchanged between villagers. The old Parish Pump is now redundant but this book revives some of the gossip and anecdotes that were related at this ancient meeting place. The term 'Parish Pump' is now synonymous with any place where villagers meet and discuss matters of local interest ensuring that the stories of village life are still being told and retold alongside more modern tales.

This 'vocal history' is presented against a background of Charlwood's more formally recorded, yet colourful, history and a rich vein of the local humour runs through each glimpse into the village's past.
Colin Gates

Published December 2018 - Reprinted April 2021
Hardback ISBN 978-1-9993555-0-0

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