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From Hanney to the Hot Spots
Alfred James

From Hanney to the Hot Spots In this sequel to Hanney, his school-days memoir, Alfred James takes us on a fascinating journey to two of the world's trouble spots into which he was dropped as an unsuspecting National Serviceman in the early 1950s. Following his basic training, he was posted to the Intelligence Corps and subsequently spent the whole of his National Service overseas.

From Hanney to the Hot Spots is full of insight and humour describing a time now fast-disappearing from the national consciousness.

From an ambush in a cemetery, through the perils of sleeping in a dried-up river bed, to the significance of used lavatory paper, this book will be sure to delight anyone who lived through that era, has a family member who did National Service in the early 1950s, or who has an interest in the social and political history of that time.

Photographs taken by the author complement the text.

Published November 2017 :: ISBN 978-0-9934073-7-6


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