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Another Wet Saturday: Village Verses and Views
Colin Gates

Another Wet Saturday: Village Verses and Views The author writes...
During the dark days of the covid virus-induced lockdowns of 2020, like many fellow prisoners, I thought it might be a good idea to busy myself at home. I made the mistake of starting off shredding old and out-of-date paperwork but got no further than a box-file full of scraps of paper on which were various verses I had written over the years, some of them dating back to the mid 1960's.

Other boxes and binders in the loft and the study revealed more of the same, among them songs I had written and performed, or intended to perform, with the folk groups Arky's Toast and One Knight Only. During this period of search, find and collate we also found a number of pencil sketches, also dating back many years. We filed the sketches with the verse and noticed that certain sketches seemed to sit well alongside certain poems. The idea of a book was born.
Colin Gates

Published April 2021 :: ISBN 978-1-999-35553-1

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